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  • Trans Plus- Where your blue tax goes this June.

    An interview with Sean Hayes, he/him/his, Co-Founder Trans Plus What is the mission of Trans Plus and how you are personally motivated by the mi...
  • November 13% Blue Tax Beneficiary: Mending the Sacred Hoop

    For the month of November, I want to honor and support Native women today, so the 13% Blue Tax will be donated to Mending the Sacred Hoop. The Mending the Sacred Hoop mission “works from a social change perspective to end violence against Native women and children while restoring the safety, sovereignty, and sacredness of Native women” (
  • Origin Story | Blue Tax | Body + Care

    Blue Tax is a culmination of all that makes me Angie. Growing up in small town Minnesota, my experiences were limited, my mind was narrow, and when I left to see the rest of the world, my mind was blown open. I saw I had been ignorant to the injustices of the world and began my journey working for equity and justice as an activist, educator, artist, and mom. Im grateful for the moment in this journey that the idea for Blue Tax dropped into my mind.