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In a land far, far away, on the shores of a great lake, in the shadows of majestic pines, where only the warm-hearted survive the frigid air, bearded men asked one woman one question, "Do you sell beard oil?" 

And the woman turned man after man away because the answer was "No." Until one day, she decided to give the men what they desired, and worked tirelessly until her recipe was perfected. 

"Ah, but it needs a name," the woman thought.  And -ka-thunk- blue tax dropped into her head, a gift from the muses. And Blue Tax was born.

Blue Tax is a culmination of all that makes me Angie. Growing up in small town Minnesota, my experiences were limited, my mind was narrow, and when I left to see the rest of the world, my mind was blown open. I saw I had been ignorant to the injustices of the world and began my journey working for equity and justice as an activist, educator, artist, and mom. Im grateful for the moment in this journey that the idea for Blue Tax dropped into my mind because I get to...

INNOVATE to develop all natural body products

CREATE the blue tax movement. 

EDUCATE people about the pink tax

DEVIATE from the status quo and turn the tables to charge a blue tax. 

GENERATE a blue tax to donate money to equity and justice organizations. 

ADVOCATE for the causes of equity and justice organizations each month. 

ACTIVATE people to get involved in equity and justice organizations. 

CELEBRATE the wins toward equity and justice for all.

When Blue Tax was born, I knew I would need a village to support its growth to have the greatest impact. Will you be part of this village?

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