Helping you fight gender inequity from your bathroom.




This month your blue tax will go to NAPAWF- National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.  May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and at Blue Tax we do our best to amplify the perspectives of an intersectional feminist movement. 
Asian American women have consistently reported 2-3 times more incidents of harassment and violence than men. The coronavirus has been weaponized against us to enable even more racialized misogyny but we continue to courageously speak up so our stories are heard and demand that our leaders address racism and violence against us head on” (
Check out the NAPAWF website to learn more!
Help decide where future BLUE TAX goes:
We are looking for your input on what organizations to donate the 13% BLUE TAX to in the future. Our hope is to feature a different organization every month  to support the intersectionality of gender identities. Get in touch if you want to recommend an organization doing great work.


Past Blue Tax Recipients:

April 2021     PAVSA-Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault

March 2021     Ms. Foundation

February 2021     S.O.U.L Sisters Leadership Collective

January 2021     Men As Peacemakers

December 2020     Global Fund For Women

November 2020     Mending the Sacred Hoop

October 2020     Young Women's Initiative

September 2020     To Write Love On Her Arms

August 2020          Juxtaposition Arts

July 2020          OutFront Minnesota

June 2020          Communities United Against Police Brutality

May 2020          Ms. Foundation