Helping you fight gender inequity from your bathroom.


Our Story

I started a body product business, rōn for your life, in Northern Minnesota. I made soap, balm, body oils, mists and was committed to sourcing everything as locally as possible.  There are many bearded men in Northern Minnesota and I began getting requests for beard oil.

After concocting a batch, I was pondering what I should call it, and the BLUE TAX idea popped into my head. I chuckled as I wrote the name on the bottle and thought, it's about time men got charged extra. Even though I always buy blue razors to avoid the pink tax, I know I've been paying it my whole life.

I shared my BLUE TAX beard oil idea with my husband and his comment was that I should donate the extra to women's organizations.


Our Mission

The BLUE TAX mission is to pay back the pink tax by selling all natural products that are good for you, good for the earth, and do good for society.


Our Values

All natural ingredients
Tested on family and friends, never animals
Equal rights for all